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Lack of updates have been because I've been busy, OK, not lazy!

Last week was a long and manic one. We had visitors from Puerto Rico come to see how we look after our parrots over here. So they can try some of the same things on their (much more endangered) parrots in Puerto Rico. But at the same time I had two of the dreaded grant applications in. So I had to get them finished and try not to miss out on all the fun stuff too. Which led to a manic week, but part of it at least was good fun. And I only missed out on a couple of outings, so not to bad (and lots of lunchbreaks too, but that's manageable too).

We started the week by exploring Fontein. Climbing up to the top of the cliffs, which I hadn't done yet. AND my ankle stood up to the abuse, which means field work can begin again. I still suck at climbing, but everyone was willing (forced?) to wait for me, so that worked out. The view there is beautiful too, you can pick out the parrots flying, and their trees. 

As well as exploring we played with the climbing gear we use. Its a bit different to the gear they would normally use. And that I can do. Good fun climbing up and down the rope hanging from the trees. Unfortunatly I had to leave them too it so I could feed the parrots dinner so didn't get to laugh at them dangling as they work it out!

We did a bit of a tour of the south (again cut short thanks to parrot feeding), lots of talking about everything, and of course a visit to our avairies. Not quite on the scale they have (they have a captive breeding program), but interesting all the same (I hope!).

Speaking of the parrots feeding. We have two new recruits. I was flagged down driving through Rincon one day, which resulted in two very malnourished parrot chicks at Echo. There story is a bit fuzzy, but we have them now at least. Their cage was the worst even Sam had seen. Getting them out proved to be a challenge too. My hand was the only one small enough to get into the cage and out again with parrot in hand. 

They are improving slowly though. Getting three feeds a day plus the seed and fruit and beginning to look like parrots. At five months old they have the development of 2 months, but better than they were... just. One, Forest, had a broken leg that didn't heal. He's not able to feel it, and can't really climb. Walking requires beak and wings to pull himself about too. But he seems happy enough, and picked up feeding quickly. His brother, Bubba (I didn't pick the name...), still prefers to attack the food rather than eat it, but he's getting there too. He can climb and is trying this flying thing. At the moment I think it might be better labelled 'falling with style', but the idea is there at least. Ville came to the house all proud this week because Bubba had drawn blood when he was cleaning him, a strange measure of improvement, but given that they had no strentgh in their beaks when they arrived an improvement all the same. (they have a blog too: www.adoptaparrot.org)

With two more releases there are parrots hanging round at the avairies again. This makes keeping the attention of the chicks on food interesting as they perch round the shelter making noise. But they too are looking more like real parrots and less like pets.

Christmas decorations have appeared in town now, although it's so warm it doesn't feel like it should be December. Hopefully we'll soon be beginning monitoring of tree phenology, as well as planting more trees, and general parrot care. And building a clay oven!



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Dec. 20th, 2012 05:54 am (UTC)
i love that you used a toystory quote to describe a parrots flying technique, well done!

lewis :)
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