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Guess what... more office work. BUT, next week I at least have a little field work to do. And my ankle is actually feeling fairly normal for the last few days so maybe we'll be off searching for nests again the week after! I hope...

So more sifting through GPS data. But this morning I actually managed to get Excel to convert degrees and decimal minutes to decimal degrees. I know that doesn't sound all that exciting, but really, it was. Other than that more grants. We had a visit to the kunuku from the lieutenant governor last night too, so spent yesterday cleaning the house and clearing the trail. Wonderfully behaved birds flying in too feed so that went well.

Had odd meeting leaving Dos Pos this afternoon. Two tourists were stopped outside the gate as I came to leave. Not all that odd as we are on the coast road which everyone drives down. But having followed Echo on Facebook they knew everything we were doing. And the stuff before I arrived better than I do. They were very nice though, and I told them next year we might be set up for tourists.

In town today with a big ship in. It's very odd, everywhere is busy. I have an appointment to set up a bank account although I failed at sorting my health insurance. All boring stuff that oddly enough lots of tourists don't get in the way off... can't think why.

Had, for me anyway, a fairly sociable weekend too. Sam's birthday on Friday so we had barbecue on the pier with I think everyone I've met and lots of people I hadn't. And out snorkelling with DCNA people on Saturday. Unfortunately my ankle didn't think much of fins though. But still very nice spot to snorkel.

Next week habitat surveys in our herbivore exclusion area, so we have something to compare too when it's all wonderfully regenerated. Something not in front of the computer! Very exciting.




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