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Nov. 15th, 2012

Busy week of data at Echo this week. Organising and untangling the archive stuff, adding in data from this year and last (and repeatedly being told that the rescue stopped everything when I roll my eyes at year old un-entered data).

I also had a meeting with the board of FESBO, a government organisation that runs, among other things, free afterschool club in every area on Bonaire. Very successful meeting, they loved the parrot and were very keen to get a ‘Parrot Club’ running in ALL of their programs. Which is awesome, now I just need to locate funding for it! It will mean we have a whole group of kids, from across the island, learning about parrots. And within things they are already doing, so it won’t take any more effort from them and will hopefully invade their sub-conscious. We’ll have a whole troop of parrot conservationists!

One of the parrots we’ve released has decided he wants to live in the tree outside our house at the moment. He wasn’t very friendly in the aviary, but we think he must have lived in the kitchen at some point, and seeing our plates and cutlery has triggered some sort of people=food connection. He is getting better, at the beginning of the week we couldn’t leave any cutlery out as he’d fly off with it and he took a liking to Ville’s coffee. Now he is rarely on the table, but still determined to hang round. He has however learnt that us collecting the broom means he’s about to be chased, so he flies off every time we pick it up now. Although possibly we are fostering a fear of brooms rather than a fear of people... And it might sound cruel, but if he does this at another house he may well find he ends up in a cage again, so it is good for him really! He has been calling to the others all day as they go flying past, so hopefully soon he will remember that being a parrot is far cooler than playing with cutlery and go and join them again.

I’ve managed two full days off this week. It was ending up that I had so many errands to run on a Monday in town that I wasn’t actually getting a day off (and was grumpy with town by the time I’d finished the errands so never got what I needed done). So now I have Saturday and Sunday off, which is much better. Rode the bike to town yesterday, taking the long route above the hills, to buy my bits I needed. Rode back along the coast, stopping to dangle my feet in the sea and read a bit (Wuthering Heights, readable but I wouldn’t go out of your way to find it). Out all day and only had one puncture too, which must be some sort of record on Bonaire! Unfortunately I couldn’t actually fix the tube when I got back as the whole valve had torn off. Ah well.

Spent this morning planting veggies in the now iguana-proof (we think...) nursery. Some of them however were originally planted by Ed and unlabeled, so will be mystery vegetables. Drove to Karpata for some snorkelling, in which I must have looked very daft getting into the sea. The entrance is rocky and my ankle doesn’t like not having flat ground, so rather than risk twisting it again as the waves pulled me about I just sat down and scooted myself in. It worked though, and I had a nice hour watching the fish. There are a lot of people about now too, so I ended up watching a lot of divers as well. Ate my lunch on the cliff watching the sea before coming home for a very lazy afternoon.

Next week I fear will be more data, although we do have a visit from DCNA to Dos Pos, and another from the Lieutenant Governor too, so at least some of it will involve actually seeing the parrots. The first of Sam’s many guests arrive too (I think between now and Christmas we must have half the tourists on Bonaire being somehow connected to Echo), and Sam’s birthday too, so I’m sure it will be busy.




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