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Nov. 5th, 2012

Back down to two again at Dos Pos, Ed went home Saturday evening, despite our best efforts to convince him to stay and carry on building camp for us. It did actually take right up until we were driving to the airport for him to suddenly be reluctant about leaving, but not enough for him to let me turn the car round apparently. Me and Ville also felt very odd going to the airport and not leaving by plane.

I’m still stuck doing office work, although I can now walk like a normal person, my ankle is just still weak, so every time I step on something not perfectly flat it gives way. But soon I will be out doing fieldwork! Honest...

Lots of other work is getting done though. I spent most of the week trying to identify parrots to see if they are the same across nests and years. Tedious, (and reminiscent of my dissertation. Less photos this time but more difficult to ID) but all done now. This did also involve me going through someone else’s field notebook, which was more than a little painful. I’m sure in 2006 it made perfect sense to him. Six years later to me it made very little sense. Coming across identical images with one labelled male and one female was also slightly infuriating.

More signs for our parrot trail are being made, so hopefully soon someone other than me will be able to follow it all the way around. We don’t have the timber for the posts right now though, so I have  a lot of signs but nothing to do with them. Carla also came and did the health and safety assessment for us too, so we may, one day, have tourists using the trail too.

The island is becoming incredibly green now it’s started to rain more. Unfortunately the rain generally comes at night, which on a tin roof is thunderously loud. I tend not to sleep much those nights. Our roof is now only sporting two holes though, so we are improving. We even have the beginnings of gutters, so we can actually collect some of the water.

This weekend I’ve finally managed to get back into the sea, for the first time in a month! I managed to keep hold of a bike and cycled down the coast road. Went to a new spot, with less coral than most of the others but a few large shoals of fish, so it was very pretty. Tomorrow I am going into town to register, now my immigration is sorted. Then I will be free of visiting that office until at least July. 




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