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I know, I’ve been lazy and not posted in ages. So here I am making up for it.

Camp is even busier now than ever with four of us there. Which means everything is running on and progressing at a rate of knots. The place is looking more and more like a real house (and almost running like one, we even got water this week!) and the parrots are getting some much appreciated attention.

I have actually had field work to do, and lots of it, looking for potential nest cavities. Which means basically we walk through the mondi look for likely trees. And then sound like over enthusiastic dentists every time we find a cavity, yelling it so the rest of the team don’t get too far ahead while we measure it for it suitability for the parrot. It’s a lot of fun, except when you meet an impenetrable wall of cactus or spikey spikey trees that make you crawl to get through. That bit is less fun.

But, of course, when I actually get field work to do that means I can go out every single day, I’ve twisted my ankle. Which is more than a little frustrating. Especially as I did it doing what I had just warned Ville from doing (well, not quite, I only had about two feet to fall, he had about ten). So I have been sat very still behaving myself for the rest of the week. It is on its way to healing now though, I can walk on it, it just aches if I do too much. And Sarah is wonderful and letting me take advantage of her being a physio, so hopefully I will be able to go out again soon... And everyone has been very nice to me making sure I don’t have to walk around too much, although Ville does keep warning them off letting me get used to it.

So that means the end of my week has been full of grant applications yet again, which is very important but doesn’t really make all that interesting reading. I don’t even have social things to relate, last weekend everyone went to Regatta opening, but I took advantage of an empty camp for the day. Although I did read a lot of my book, second Game of Thrones which I highly recommend, but has nothing to do with parrots.




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